The Vanity of Ruth Bader Ginsberg Could Cost Us Dearly

(This essay appeared in this space almost exactly two years ago.  It is prudent to re-release it in light of recent events.  May Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg rest in peace.) When the news broke that Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court it was treated as a shocking development by mainstream news outlets.  But... Continue Reading →

More Irresponsible Disinformation for White People to Feel Good about Inaction

We Can’t Fix Problems When We Discount Their Impact or Deny Their Existence

The View from the Armchair

I just saw this gem of a meme of Facebook:


The neat thing about memes such as this one is you can pack a lot of disinformation in a very small space.

First off, none of these percentages is based on anything at all.

The reference to “a virus” is logically the coronavirus causing COVID-19. The “99%” claim here is actually verifiable. Based on the available data, COVID-19 has a mortality rate between 4 and 5% in the US, and may have long-term negative health implications for 20% or more of those that recover. So the first assertion is not simply wrong; it’s a lie, and a dangerous one.

The “99.95%” references that follow are just silly, made-up percentages, derived from nothing at all. They are lies as well.

“We have some racists” is a deliberate attempt to distract from or downplay the reality of systemic racism. This mentality serves…

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America Can Escape The Charity Trap

Nothing is more clarifying than the pain and panic of a deadly pandemic.  This one challenges us to see if we can spread love amongst one another as easily as we spread this infectious and unforgiving coronavirus.  As the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic dials up, donations to food pantries across America dial down.  This... Continue Reading →

The Progressive Case For Private Insurance

It finally happened.  The rarest of occurrences is when events unfold in real time that force our hottest political and policy debates out of the realm of imagination into the realm of reality.  The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is the ultimate stress test for the American healthcare system.  You know the one that Republicans... Continue Reading →

The Sacrifice of Bernie Sanders

When the history of this political era is studied by future generations, Bernie Sanders will go down as America's most impactful non-president politician.  Who comes in second will be a photo-finish but Bernie has won first place by a gap so big it rivals Secretariat's in the '73 Belmont Stakes.  And for the sake of... Continue Reading →

Winner Takes NONE

If you are looking for another "both sides" political analysis you are in the wrong place.  You will have to look elsewhere to find that b.s.  While it is perfectly true that all of the players on the field of American politics play a role in how the game is being played and who the... Continue Reading →

Citizenship Surrender

America is only as strong as the resolve of its citizenry to uphold its own standards.  Recent events stand as self-evident truth that a critical mass of American citizens have simply given up.  And because their resolve is weak our nation is weak.  America has a glass jaw and COVID-19 has smashed it into a... Continue Reading →


Since Jay-Z joined forces with the NFL in a public relations stunt to get them out of the Colin Kaepernick controvery, black men who work and play in the NFL have actually lost ground. Note the hiring of the whitest and least qualified head coaching candidate in recent history by the New York Giants while... Continue Reading →

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